Deflationary $REWARD Token Burning

Here we will discuss $REWARD token's deflationary feature.
$REWARD token will be deflationary in nature, thus its supply always will be decreasing periodically. This will be achieved using our strategic price support strategy. Let's dive into it.

Strategic Price Support

As we know, $REWARD transactions will send 1% of its value to $REWARD marketing wallet. Periodically, we would use funds in the marketing wallet, assess market conditions and execute buyback and burn transactions for $REWARD token. The strategic price support here means once the token is listed and price discovery has been made by market, we would identify certain price points where we would put buy orders. This would help us provide support at those price points during turbulences thus boosting our community's confidence.
These strategic price points would be agreed using DAO voting after launch as Reward Tax is a fully community driven project.
Revenue sources for buyback and burn:
  • 1% on buy and sell as marketing tax
  • RBRIDGE fee from cross-chain assets management
  • Premature unstaking fee i.e., penalty on early unstaking from the staking pool
  • RSWAP fee from other projects for using RSWAP Dex and LP protocol
  • RMPLACE fee on NFT trading