RMPLACE: NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace to enable investors buy, sell and rent their revenue-linked NFTs to maximise their earnings.


Users will be able to buy and sell their NFTs including $REWARD NFTs, project mystery boxes, and accessories etc. with/from other users. Users will only use $REWARD tokens for any activity within the marketplace. This will increase $REWARD token utility as well as generate fee for the platform. All fee collected from the marketplace will be burnt forever, thus reducing $REWARD supply.

Leasing & Renting

Only $REWARD NFTs will have a revenue-sharing feature. So, in future, users will be able to rent their revenue-sharing NFTs to other users using the marketplace. In order to do so a user must hold/stake a certain number of $REWARD tokens which unlocks Rental feature for them. The reason behind this feature is that if a user has more than one NFT, then their revenue-share will go down. So, those investors may want to rent out their NFTs and share revenue with other participants. Thus it'll create a balanced revenue distribution and increase product adoption.