Let's understand basics of a dex and what RSWAP is bringing to the market.
A dex is short for a "decentralized exchange". This is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a central authority, allowing users to directly trade with each other in a peer-to-peer fashion. This means that users retain control of their funds at all times and do not have to deposit their money with a third party in order to trade. This can make decentralized exchanges more secure and less vulnerable to hacking or other forms of fraud.
So, now the obvious question is why we need to develop our own dex?
Let's go over some of the benefits of a dex: RSWAP
Fully decentralised and owned by $REWARD community: One of the main reason is to have complete freedom from any 3rd party involvement and provide A2Z solutions under one roof for our community. RSWAP will allow users to trade $REWARD and other cryptocurrencies without having to trust a third-party service with their funds. Because users are able to trade directly with each other and retain control of their own funds at all times, this will make RSWAP more secure and less vulnerable to hacking or other forms of fraud. This can be particularly useful when investors want to trade large quantity, without any concerns about the security of their funds.
Also, RSWAP will be designed to provide users with more control over their trading experience. Our users will not be subjected to any regulatory constraints or rules as other dex or cex as our $REWARD holders will be deciding on its features, this making is 100% controlled and managed by $REWARD holders. Also, we'll be offering a wider range of trading pairs in the future and can be more flexible in how we operate.
Now, let's discuss the best part - we, $REWARD community, would own its liquidity and trading fee. This would help us to do more buybacks and burns to bring $REWARD token supply lower.
REWARD team will develop a holistic DEX experience for our users to use, that includes but not limited to: AI-based gas optimisation, charting tool powered by Tradingview, limit orders, trailing stops, and TP etc.
For every transaction on RSWAP, it would attract 0.25% as fee and this fee will be split into two parts:
  • 50% of the RSWAP fee will be distributed among $REWARD holders
  • 50% of the RSWAP fee will be used to buyback and burn $REWARD tokens automatically using our in-house bot
As RSWAP gains more trading volume, the $REWARD community will vote to decide on fee split and it will be adjusted accordingly. With more volume, RSWAP will generate more fee which means more buyback and burn & more rewards for $REWARD holders.

Not just an ordinary DEX

RSWAP will not be just a typical swap but it'll also have an aggregator features. This means that any transaction would get the best price, thus a better trading experience.