$REWARD Calculations Using Example

Let's understand this using an example.
John buys $100 worth $REWARD tokens on Pancakeswap. Let's say price of $REWARD token is $1. So, he should get 98 $REWARD tokens after tax BUT he would get 102 $REWARD tokens. How?
Buying transaction value: $100
Buying tax 2% (1% converted to BUSD and reward distributed to all holders, 1% tax for Reserve & Strategic buyback).
4% platform reward in $REWARD tokens
So, John would get tokens worth $102, not $100 (100-2(tax)+4(reward)=102) plus share of 1% in BUSD.
Below is the buying transaction chart which is self explanatory:
Reserve wallet: This wallet will be used for marketing activities, platform development, strategic price support, and buyback & burn purposes only.