Reward Tax: Tax Distribution Revolution in DeFi

Reward Tax - Revolutionising tax reward mechanism in blockchain industry.
Reward Tax ($REWARD) will be the first ever multi-chain deflationary token using tax as a rewarding mechanism starting with the Binance Smart Chain. The team has done market research on current state of decentralised finance sector and found several improvements for the tax mechanism currently used in smart contracts by projects irrespective of the underlying blockchain.
This unique approach of using tax as a rewarding feature encourages investors to buy and hold $REWARD for long term as they're rewarding in both - a stable coin (BUSD) and our native token ($REWARD). As we expand $REWARD token use case, our investors would benefit even more by random NFT airdrops, revenue sharing, and lucrative staking program etc. A few use cases would be RSWAP, which is RewardSwap, RBRIDGE, and RFARM etc. We'll expand this further in other sections of the whitepaper.

Our Mission

Reward Tax's mission is to empower retail investors by rewarding them for long term holding and to provide them with access to financial products that are secure, transparent, and open to anyone. The protocol aim to create a more accessible, efficient, and equitable financial system in blockchain industry.
Reward Tax provides a platform investors to buy $REWARD token to accumulate rewards in BUSD as well as $REWARD tokens through holding and staking. As the platform matures, $REWARD holders will benefit from various additional rewards such as unique NFT airdrops, prediction win rewards, and many more.
So, get ready to grab $REWARD tokens and hold for long term rewards distribution in BUSD while see your $REWARD tokens growing through various automated strategies!
Let's understand two key elements of Reward Tax - decentralised finance and negative tax.